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Donation Processors

While PayPal is our primary method for accepting donations, it is understandable that not everyone prefers to use it. To help accommodate this, Amazon Payments and Flattr have been setup as additional methods for accepting donations. The fees for each of these methods are within close range of each other.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments

USD is the only accepted currency. At the moment, only one-time donations are possible. In order to support automatic recurring donations, the ability to generate a signature for dynamically created buttons needs to be implemented. It would be a tremendous contribution for an individual to learn how to do this.

Typical Per-Transaction fee

See Amazon's site-listed fees for more information.


Flattr issues payments on the 10th of every month. At that point, your individual flattrs are converted to a dollar amount and transferred to Haiku, Inc. There is a 10% fee on all transactions taken by Flattr. More than likely, Paypal will apply a transaction fee when withdrawing money from Flattr.

Typical Per-Transaction fee

See Flattr's FAQ page for more information.


Additional Options

Currently USD and EUR are enabled currencies in PayPal. Both one-time and automatic recurring donations are possible.

Typical Per-Transaction fee

See PayPal's site-listed fees for more information.