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Haiku® R1/Alpha 4 Commemorative CD

To help you celebrate the fourth official release by the Haiku Project, you can now order a commemorative CD of Haiku® R1 Alpha 4! The funds collected here will be used to help bring Haiku closer to R1: the first production quality release.

Haiku R1 Alpha 4 Commemorative CD

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Due to significantly higher shipping costs for orders outside of the continental U.S.A., a higher minimum donation is needed.

The orders will be manually processed by Haiku, Inc. and shipped directly to you. As Haiku, Inc. is run by volunteers, orders will be processed during the weekends. Be sure to enter an accurate shipping address on the PayPal confirmation page, as this will be used for shipping your disc. Your support and generosity is appreciated!

Total amount to donate:
Quantity of discs:
Shipping destination: the Continental United States.
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This CD is provided strictly "as is" and without any warranty. To be clear, Haiku R1 Alpha 4 is alpha software. This means that features are missing and numerous bugs are present. Theoretically, any one of those bugs could destroy your data. See Haiku R1 Alpha 4's Release Addendum for any pertinent post-release information.

If you wish to download Haiku, visit the Haiku Project's Get Haiku! page.