About Haiku, Inc.

Haiku, Inc. (the “NPO”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Haiku Project (the “Project”) and the development of Haiku® (the “Software”). At a minimum, the Project is comprised of those individuals with commit access to the Software’s source code repositories.

Haiku was inspired by BeOS, which was developed by Be Inc. and currently is intellectual property of ACCESS Co.. While the x86 and x86_64 architectures are current primary focus of the Software, additional platforms (arm, ppc, m68k, mips) are in various stages of development.

Who is Haiku, Inc.?

Several trusted long-term contributors are currently managing the tasks for Haiku, Inc. Anyone may become part of this organization by sustaining helpful contributions in this area. Other than what is necessary to fulfill its purpose, Haiku, Inc. does not have any decision making power within the Haiku Project at large. New possibilities for Haiku, Inc. to help develop the Project may be openly discussed at any time.

Current Board Members

Haiku, Inc. currently has 4 titled positions filled by the pool of board members:

  • President: Axel Dörfler
  • Vice President: Rene Gollent
  • Treasurer: Ryan Leavengood
  • Secretary: Alexander von Gluck IV

The board of directors is currently made up of 5 board-elected individuals from the community:

  • Board of Directors:
    • Axel Dörfler (axeld)
    • Rene Gollent (DeadYak)
    • Jessica Hamilton (jessicah)
    • Ryan Leavengood (leavengood)
    • Alexander von Gluck IV (kallisti5)

All board members work for Haiku, Inc. in a volunteer role and do not receive compensation.

Corporate Overview