Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions. Feel free to contact us, preferably on the public mailing list.

Where can I get Haiku®?

The Haiku Project provides downloads for current official releases of Haiku® on their Get Haiku! page.

Where can I buy Haiku merchandise?

Haiku merchandise can be bought here. We partner with Freewear to provide merchandise to purchase. A fraction of the proceeds from all merchandise sold is donated to Haiku, Inc.

Is it possible to have more paid development contractors?

At the moment, there are several limitations that relate to hiring contractors. This includes having a minimal payout rate and more importantly having someone within the project, who is able to work for an extended period of time with such a low payout. Moreover, we will need to increase the level of donations to be able to sustainably continue our current contract with waddlesplash before considering hiring even more development contractors. Donations are more than welcome!

How was the goal for the piggy bank determined?

The piggy bank’s goal is what we hope to spend in the current year. The filled portion reflects the amount that has been raised in the current year. In addition to the regular donations, any possible monies from programs such as the Google Summer of Code™ will be included. Often, this will be larger than the budget.