Requesting funds

Haiku, Inc. is always interested in receiving requests for funds. It is our responsibility to express ways in which additional financial resources can further the Haiku Project.

All requests and proposals may be emailed to the haiku-inc public mailing list or privately to contact (a) haiku-inc ( . ) org

Available Payment Methods

We reserve the right to not pay the fees associated with the payment transfer.

  • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) via bank
  • Payment via our donation processors
  • Mailed check/money order

Fees in general

Even though you are doing a service for the Project, having a frugal mindset is respectful and improves our ability to fund additional items. For instance, travel shall not be ‘First Class’ and lodging shall not be ‘Luxury/Presidential/Honeymoon Suite’. Students are encouraged to inquire about discounted rates and employed workers are encouraged to see if their company is willing to pay partial costs.

Travel Fees

Travel by car including tolls, can be generally be expected to be reimbursed without issue. However, if the event is several hundred miles away, confirmation is needed beforehand.

Other means of travel such as by plane and train need prior confirmation. Since the cost of airfare increases as the departure date gets closer, tickets should be purchased at least two weeks in advance.

Required Summary Report

Providing a written summary of how the funding helped to further the Haiku Project is required. This helps the community learn how HaikuĀ® is advancing as a direct result of donations. In turn, this helps to encourage people to donate additional funds with the confidence that it will be money well spent. For conferences, only a single report is needed and should mention the people who attended.

The summary may be posted at the Project’s website and may be reproduced in any manner by Haiku, Inc.

Development Contracts

Haiku developers are encouraged to submit contract proposals. Please keep in mind that the pay rate is not competitive. The goal and intentions with hiring developers is to purchase time that would normally not be available for Haiku development. Therefore, the rates will only manage to compensate for the cost of living mostly. NOTE: Contract work is generally limited to developers that already gained repository commit access. With this limitation we try to maximize the return of investment, and push Haiku development forward more rapidly.

Substance of Proposal

  • Specific area(s) of development:
  • Length of contract:
  • Wage in USD:

Conferences and Trade Shows

Also important to the Project is increasing the community of users, testers and developers. A very effective method of doing this is to attend conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, where people are often exposed to Haiku for the first time and get to see it hands on. In addition to casual attendees, several well known people in the FOSS (Free and Open Source) world get to speak with project representatives and see how Haiku is shaping up. This can often be an opportunity to strengthen our networking among FOSS advocates and other projects. These shows can also be an opportunity to locate commercial interest in Haiku. While many of the current shows Haiku attends occur in the west coast United States, several also occur in the EU, such as RMLL and FOSDEM.

The goals are to provide reimbursement costs for the individuals who promote Haiku (demonstrating, running the booth, giving presentations, ..) and to pay for show expenses (registration fees, booth fees, and related items).

Substance of Proposal

  • Name of the conference:
  • Conference website:
  • Duration:
  • Fees directly associated with conference
    • Entrance fee:
    • Electricity costs:
    • Insurance:
    • Other fees and charges:
  • Travel method & costs:
  • Lodging:
  • Parking: When attending multi-day conferences, a stipend of $17/day (aka $5, $7, $5) may be requested to assist with nutritional needs. For single day events, you are encouraged to bring food as that is usually the most cost-effective solution.

Other Purchases

In order to support conference and trade show presence, marketing supplies is another area that needs occasional funding. Hard goods, such as banners, presentation equipment, and fliers increase the visual appeal and effectiveness of Haiku at trade shows. Many of these items can be purchased and reused for several years, or purchased in bulk and distributed to several individuals attending different shows at different times.

Another group of expenses we would like to officially endorse, is purchasing items used for the development process. Examples would be hardware for writing new drivers or debugging existing ones, technical documents purchased from standards organizations, etc. We hope to also be able to provide developers with replacement hardware in the event of the inevitable failures that occur.

Substance of Proposal

  • What the item is:
  • How much it costs:
  • Where to ship it:
  • Why you want it: